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The Amalgamation of Old School Muslim and MELS America

Assalaamu Alaykum!

We live in ever changing times, times which compel us to pause and assess our situations - searching for meaning, identity and enrichment. Through the amalgamation of The OldSchoolMuslim Company under the banner of MELS America, we hope to improve the understanding of Islam and the image of Islam and Muslims.

MELS America
MELS or Muslim Education and Literary Services was established in London, England in 1980. Serving Muslims and Non-Muslims alike the world over – from London, to South Africa to Trinidad, MELS has, from its inception worked to bring the richness of Islamic heritage to light. Introducing the central themes of Islam, retelling the stories of the Companions of Prophet Muhammad and providing tools to learn and teach Qur’anic Arabic, are just a few of the services offered.

Due to the increasing Muslim population and interest in Islam and Muslims, MELS has been able to grow and now has branches in England (UK), Texas (USA) and Florida (USA)

The Old School Muslim Company
The Old School Muslim Company, established in Austin, Texas in 1999 has provided an outlet for Muslims to showcase their Muslim identity with pride. Old School Muslim designs display a uniqueness, creativity, and a freshness of vision concerning Islamic subjects. We hope to appeal to popular culture, bringing a modern twist to an age-old but thriving religion.

Through the marrying of these two companies, we want to encourage individuals to grow in their understanding of Islam, to grow in their commitment to excellence and to become productive members of their families and communities. Insha’Allah we hope to use this website as a resource to provide support to one another, foster the exchange of ideas and as a tool whereby our vision can be implemented.

MELS America January, 2006

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